Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 continues from where the first Gears of War left off. Players follow Marcus Fenix and Delta Squad as they continue to attack and defend against the Locust Horde. As with the ground breaking graphics and visuals in the first Gears of War, the new Gears of War’s graphics and visuals are going to be breath taking with the improved Unreal 3 Engine.g


~ by David on June 17, 2008.

31 Responses to “Gears of War 2”

  1. This gamme is going to br awsome im getning this game 3 days before the release i kant waiiit !!!!!!!!!1

  2. this game is goin to be nasty no doubt and im getttin it when it comes out i canrt w8 i am goin to play this game 24/7

  3. hutgijhkjjfgjphjioejueijyioyuioyty u suck baaaallllllsssssss

  4. only coz cock o duty comes out later

  5. roflcopter ownage my dum ass friend thinks resistence is better than this game roflz…

  6. This game is going to rape hardcore ass non-stop! hahahahahahhahahaha you guys are all bitches will little dicks!

  7. Lol WTF ?

  8. dude this is going to be an amazing game no fuckin way am i non owning it the first day it comes out

  9. this is pwnage can wait to chainsaw battle my budz

  10. Yeah you would like to chainsaw you little bitch…. get a real life. pick up that sniper!

  11. wuts up scrubs if u want a real challenge underground MLG style hit me up BemusedUSMC is my gamer tag and my homies is HardstylUSMC we will own dont wrry u can host we like it like that

  12. o i almost forgot my yahoo is let me know send as gears clan and ill hit u back up

  13. gears 2 online will rape you

  14. both u bitches suck so shut the fvck up i will own all of u guys with all headshots

  15. if u want a real challenge send a friendrequest to drewster40 then u will get owned so bad that u will never play gow agin

  16. this game is going to b3 the shit and i cant wait of this game t0 come out

  17. i just got this game on release, and it is the most ballin shit EVER!!!!!!!! if you are trying to decide whether or not to get this…. get it!

  18. This game sucks balls, it’s just the same shit from GOW1 all it has is improved graphics, and acouple of new weapons WOW such a fucking waste of my $65 dollars. COD5 is going to beat the shit out of this trash ass game it’s just going to dominate online mulitiplayer just like COD4

  19. Your shit CoD nub gears 2 is better as gears 1 and sure as hell better than cod5 ur trash fucker

  20. all of you are such tools.. “ill own you with all headshots.. im the best… ima own all of you noobs” fuckin tools…

  21. di chet.i play rs and in a noob add me up

  22. okay

  23. Fucking best game ever made im getting it in 1 month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. yall all gay im the best gamer alive and yall cant spell

  25. im a racist fuck and i only like asians

  26. girls only girls females you dumb fucks

  27. …lol wow.
    K so yea, its not THAT MUCH better then GoW1… cept how much better CAN you be?
    Horde mode is the SHIT. 1v74 (wave 1-5) is insanity. i like that. B) Playing 5 vs ALL is so awesome. They knew what we needed: Non-stop killathon!! no story, no talking, just KILL.
    The graphics are better, the gameplay is just as sick, couple more weapons.. ya can tag the ‘nades to the walls, wich is pure awesome for Horde when you find yourself 5 vs 40..
    GoW2 is sick.

  28. this game is the bom

  29. GOW’s the shit when it comes to games!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. hah u all think u r the best saddos

  31. This game was awesome. Got it quite a while after the release and beat it not long after. Many improvements were made on the first game and I can’t wait for Gears 3. Check out my review at

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